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Something wicked this way does not come!!!!
All my thoughts and prayers go to those in London who were the target of such evil. I'm so angry at these terrorists! Poor beloved Tony. I know how he feels!

If you saw my beautiful face and nice interview at France 2 (if you haven't, you missed a lot), you'll know I'm very popular and that also I exchange many phone calls with the british!!! Since I'm the super flic, I'm sending over to London 5 of our best policemen to gather some evidence. Because, no sir, no terrorist is going to win in Sarkoland.

Talking about Sarkoland, sometimes I pity people. Jealous people, you know?! As a child, I've never been fond of Asterix because he's short. But, for some unknown reason, I've always liked Mickey Mouse. So, when I saw this stupid drawing, I couldn't help but think "I WANT THOSE MICKEY EARS TOO".

J'suis vraiment fatigué. Hier, we didn't get the Olympics. I felt somehow bitter. But today, with that terrible episode, I couldn't feel more sorry. I heard some people say that this attack should have happened before the city was picked to host the Olympics. How vicious!!!!!

Hasta la vista!!!!!!

PS: Did you notice something is missing here?!
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Did you notice something is missing here?!

Yes. A knife sticking into you, a rope around your annoying neck, a nuclear bomb just waiting to go off in ze background...

No. No, I didn't.

My wedding ring.....


I'm slightly tied up here en Ecosse at ze moment, but you know zat my zoughts are wiz you in zis troubled time.

Bonjour, M. le Ministre.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to find you. And the fact that I did at all is no thanks to your cher ami dominiquelechic, who hasn't once mentioned the existence of your LJ to me. Hmmm, why do you suppose that is?

I don't know whether or not you ever look in at worldaffairs, but if you do you may have noticed that I started commenting there about three weeks ago (in a slightly snarkier version of my real persona). It's a pity your voice hasn't also been heard. May we expect to see that change anytime soon? I'm actually hoping to come in the game myself in the role of a certain German politician who's currently involved in a staring match with Herr Schroeder; in the meantime, I'm keeping busy poking pins in both Dominique and Vlad when the occasion demands, lol. Do you mind my asking how long your own application to join the worldaffairs community has been intentionally buried at the bottom of someone's "In" basket pending? Or have you decided not to play after all? Excuse my suspicious nature; it comes from keeping company with Dominique and Vlad. *g*

If you have no objection, I'd like to friend this LJ.


My dear Karen,

Welcome to my journal.
Here I talk much of non-sense really just to relax from the stress I go through everyday. It's not easy to be handsome and smart every day. It takes a great deal of energy.

About Dominique not mentioning my journal...well, don't blame him. He's becoming senile or he was rather afraid that your attention would go from him to me.

I'm back to LJ so don't worry.. I'll make my presence noticed at worldaffairs.
Go ahead and friend me. You are now my friend. :)
*kisses hand*

It's not easy to be handsome and smart every day.

Looked in a mirror lately, Nico, cher?

*kisses hand*

You do not steal my fangirls!!!!!

You do not steal my fangirls!!!!!

Why do you feel so insecure?

Btw, there was quite a nice article about you on the Comment page of last Friday's Financial Times (30 Sept). It was written by Dominique Moisi (senior adviser at the French Institute for International Relations). Did you happen to see it?

No, I didn't. What does it say?

It's too long to put in a comment. I'll transcribe it and post it in my LJ (aswanargent) so that both you and Nicolas can read it. :-)

I've transcribed the Financial Times article and posted it. You and Nicolas will find it here:


I'm sure Dominique will be delighted to see you posting again in worldaffairs. *snickers*

And I think your first thought as to why Dominique failed to introduce us is the correct one. On occasion I do see a tiny flash of insecurity come through in his posts ... like that little matter of never having been elected to office ....

You couldn't be further from ze truth. I have no insecurity about never having been elected to office. I have simply never bothered to run for one. I look down on such petty scrappy vote-chasing and such petty scrappy vote chasers like Nicolas. Of course, really you have to look down on Nico, don't you?

I have no insecurity about never having been elected to office. I have simply never bothered to run for one.

You're going to love what Moisi says about this.

I'm sure I mentioned it once!

Mademoiselle, a word of caution. Nicolas has no friends. Many people zink zey are friends of his, but he will stab zem in ze back at ze earliest opportunity.

No, I don't think you mentioned that Nicolas had an LJ. I do recall hearing from someone close to you (unfortunately I don't know her name) that Nicolas had applied for membership to the worldaffairs community, but since I don't see his name listed on the information page for that community, I thought his application was still pending.

Thank you for your warning, mon cher Ministre. But given the fact that you seem perfectly happy to see Vladimir invite me to try his special tea, I'm not sure how sincere your concern for my well-being truly is. Désolée if I offend.

Clearly you have not checked ze WA info page! Firstly, Nico's application was accepted immediately (really, I should sack my secretary), and secondly, his name went up immediately after zat, and days before you posted zis here!

And, particularly given zat you are not a citizen of mine (zank Dieu), I am not obliged to protect you from Vlad's temper. I do so out of ze kindness of my heart. Some appreciation would be nice.

I stand corrected. But the last time I checked the worldaffairs info page (just one week ago), his name wasn't on it. Clearly it's been added since then.

Are you feeling unloved, mon cher Dominique? Having to deal with massive strikes in France while missing Vlad and wondering what kind of "strategic negotiations" he might have been conducting with Tony in London? There, there. Everything's going to be fine. I do appreciate your concern for my well-being, and I've already added you to my Christmas card list (of course I'm going to need an address for that; the real Dominique might be very puzzled to receive a card from me, lol). What more can I do?

I have no jealous feelings toward Tony. In fact, for once, I have not ze slightest bit of ill will for him. In fact, I have ze sympazy and pity. I hear George has started drinking heavily again and getting violently aggressive. When people do zat, zey often hurt zeir lovers first. I know I had ze lot worse to deal wiz when Jacques's drinking problems started, given his paraphilia and insane sadism (alzough it was not his fault, he cannot help it), but really I would not want to be in poor Tony's position wiz George now.

But still it is ze strain having him here, and you know how Jacques feels about him. Especially when we are trying to wean Jacques off every one of his 26.5 addictions. Zis is "no absinthe week."

And of course I am not feeling unloved! In fact, Vlad and I are ze vous en parlerai plus tard, Mademoiselle!

I hear George has started drinking heavily again and getting violently aggressive.

Are you surprised? Have you seen his latest approval ratings?

He's coined a new term: "islamo-fascism". Do you suppose we can blame that on the drink?

Did you remember to wish Vlad "Happy Birthday" today? Oh! Is that what you're doing with him right now? No wonder you don't want to talk to me. ;-)

How does one have half (.5) an addiction? It's like being pregnant; either you are or you aren't.