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Anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering
My fellow friends,

I'm sorry that my first post will be filled with rage! As you may have noticed, I've been really worried about the violence that happens throughout France, specially in Courneuve, banlieue de Paris! When an eleven year old dies because of a bullet that was not even aimed at him, we need to do something. This is when Super Sarko! comes in and saves the world. I will not stop until I find the last remaining responsible for this tragedy that has shocked the local population.

I'm a populist? Screw them! Do you think that spending 2 hours and a half in the suburbs has to deal with my obsession to become the president of my country? Of course not! As you may know, I'm a lawyer and my masters was on Private Law. I'm really worried about getting votes my people. I love them. I know what it feels like...when you never fit in, either because you are not so tall; or because you father left you, your mother and brothers; or even because you didn't go to the same top school as your enemies friends went!

Beuf! I had completely forgotten about the Crémel case. Those stupid judges don't wanna to be criticized for making the wrong decision. People who have committed multiples crimes shouldn't be allowed out of the prison. They need to rotten stay there.

And to top it all, regardez!

C'est trop tard! I have to sleep.

Good night!

Me being interviewed by RTL today
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Tiens, Nicolas! You need to calm down, you need ze sang-froid, you need to have ze serenity like me.

I have greek blood running through my veins. Hard to be sang froid. Very hard.

I'm a very passionate person. I know how the crowd feels. I can comunicate well with them not that well with those garçons from Courneuve, though.