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Nicolas Sarkozy

J'suis un superb flic

Nicolas Sarközy
28 January
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Bonsoir, mesdames et messieurs. My name is Nicolas Sarközy and I'm here for you. *smirk*
Before I go on, I'll let you know some little things about me that will make you love me even more (yes, Dominique the crowd loves me).

My full name is Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa. Even though it sounds as if I'm a prince, I don't have my head up in the clouds, even though I'm a very big man. I don't want to be an emperor or a king, being a president will be enough for me.

I was born in a very bourgeois 'neighborhood' in Paris (17éme arrondissement). The special day is January, 28. Yes, I'm 50 but I'm still hot.

Right now, I'm the head of the most important french party, UMP (Union pour un mouvement populaire). I was consacrated president of the party on November 24th, 2004 at Bourget (yes, 85% of the votes). The event was very american, thanks to my lovely wife Cécilia. If you allow me, let me take a small pause to tell you this: Cécilia, je t'aime.

Ok, moving on...

I'm currently the super policeman of France, c'est-à-dire, I'm Minister of the Interior with the rank of Minister of State. M. de Villepin was chosen Prime Minister instead of me but I don't hold a grudge against him or Chirac. I'm bigger than that. *looks up*

[ Subliminal message: Say YES to the European Constitution. No, I'm not obliging anyone. ]

Oh! Enough! I don't have time to talk about myself! I'm not a man of words. I'm a man of action. I need to go right now! If you wanna know more about me, go to this site or buy my books. Just don't go to Le Placide: they are very mean. *raises hungarian eyebrows*

I've got a motto: I don't care if you badmouth me or not, but just talk about me ok?! And of course, if you badmouth me, I'll hunt you down and your tongue will become green!

He's hyperactive, he's ambitious, he's a heavy worker, a workaholic, he never rests - Anita Hausser


This livejournal is, in no way, affiliated with the French minister, Nicolas Sarkozy. I respect him greatly and this journal is just supposed to be a joke, so don't take any of the things I say in here seriously.
Even though I don't agree 100% with what he says, I'm a huge Sarko supporter. He's a man of great visions and I do believe he does his best to make France a better place.

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