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Mon Dieu
Cécilia is returning to Paris after spending some days in Disneyland with the kids and lover. I think I'll suffer a serious breakdown!
mood: depresseddepressed


Oh! Did I ever call you The Moroccan?
That's actually a quite fancy title, but given the present circumstances.....

I always knew I could count on you stabs from behind

Yes, for some reason you and your little sarkozystes take great pleasure in emphasizing zat, alzough you are often accused of being too foreign, I am ze one who was neither born or bred in France. Mais alors, tu sais zat I was born in ze palace of ze king zere: you see, grandeur has always been my destiny! Don't zink I don't know what you say about me. Tiens, I have been spying on you 24-7, after all!

Like I'd ever let *you* get zat close behind me...