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I'm all shook up...
*le sigh* It's been a long time, my dear fellows. So long that I've been away from my cyber life. I was actually beginning to forget how to turn on a computer! You can only imagine the hard time I went through to remember my password!!!
Can you imagine the displeasure I had when I saw my paid account had expired?! I surrounded by idiots who can't pay a simple bill for me!!!! This is why I fired 2 of my personal secretaries. *raises eyebrows*

I'm sure you've all missed me deeply.

Now...back to the widely known temper of mine!!! What?!!! That bastard Dominique overtook me for the first time?!!! Are the French people blind?!!! Sure they can't see a beautiful, Loreal-ish hair that they just start doing crazy things. Argh!!!! Let's wait and see.
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Something wicked this way does not come!!!!
All my thoughts and prayers go to those in London who were the target of such evil. I'm so angry at these terrorists! Poor beloved Tony. I know how he feels!

If you saw my beautiful face and nice interview at France 2 (if you haven't, you missed a lot), you'll know I'm very popular and that also I exchange many phone calls with the british!!! Since I'm the super flic, I'm sending over to London 5 of our best policemen to gather some evidence. Because, no sir, no terrorist is going to win in Sarkoland.

Talking about Sarkoland, sometimes I pity people. Jealous people, you know?! As a child, I've never been fond of Asterix because he's short. But, for some unknown reason, I've always liked Mickey Mouse. So, when I saw this stupid drawing, I couldn't help but think "I WANT THOSE MICKEY EARS TOO".

J'suis vraiment fatigué. Hier, we didn't get the Olympics. I felt somehow bitter. But today, with that terrible episode, I couldn't feel more sorry. I heard some people say that this attack should have happened before the city was picked to host the Olympics. How vicious!!!!!

Hasta la vista!!!!!!

PS: Did you notice something is missing here?!
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Mon Dieu
Cécilia is returning to Paris after spending some days in Disneyland with the kids and lover. I think I'll suffer a serious breakdown!
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Anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering
My fellow friends,

I'm sorry that my first post will be filled with rage! As you may have noticed, I've been really worried about the violence that happens throughout France, specially in Courneuve, banlieue de Paris! When an eleven year old dies because of a bullet that was not even aimed at him, we need to do something. This is when Super Sarko! comes in and saves the world. I will not stop until I find the last remaining responsible for this tragedy that has shocked the local population.

I'm a populist? Screw them! Do you think that spending 2 hours and a half in the suburbs has to deal with my obsession to become the president of my country? Of course not! As you may know, I'm a lawyer and my masters was on Private Law. I'm really worried about getting votes my people. I love them. I know what it feels like...when you never fit in, either because you are not so tall; or because you father left you, your mother and brothers; or even because you didn't go to the same top school as your enemies friends went!

Beuf! I had completely forgotten about the Crémel case. Those stupid judges don't wanna to be criticized for making the wrong decision. People who have committed multiples crimes shouldn't be allowed out of the prison. They need to rotten stay there.

And to top it all, regardez!

C'est trop tard! I have to sleep.

Good night!

Me being interviewed by RTL today
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